Chromadeck and PVC

  • Any size available for the Signs
  • Sign writing on most flat surfaces
  • Full color Signs on vinyl
  • Chromadek Steel which is mounted on a square tube frame
  • Reinforced PVC stretched (flexed) over a square tube frame

Papillon Signs is a Signage printing company in Standerton with Large Format Digital Printers able to print chromadek boards, billboard signs and light boxes. The most common material that we use for outdoor signage is Chromadek (0.6mm metal board) as well as flex face (350gram per m PVC canvas that is stretched over a 25 x 25mm square tubing frame).

We also specialize in Billboard Signs and Signage printing. The Signs can comprise from Road signs to basic advertising signs. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your Signage requirements.

The popularity of the PVC option is growing fast, because it's lighter and there are no seams, as in the case of chromadek boards and billboards. The welds on bigger chromadek and billboard signs are neat. The bigger sign boards, like the signs erected next to our highways is manufactured of PVC and not chromadek board.